Drop and Run

Early Drop and Run Appointments

Wee Swap offers you the option to turn in your Drop and Run items BEFORE the actual drop-off begins.  This usually starts a few months before our drop off at the building.  Choose a day and time convenient to your schedule. Please email us at dropandrun@weeswap.com to set up a time convenient for you.

During drop off at the building, our drop and run is only offered on SATURDAY AND SUNDAY of our general drop off but NOT on Monday or Tuesday. Check out our calendar for exact days and times.

Drop and Run Service

Do you have items that you want to sell but you either don’t have the time or just plain don’t want to deal with tagging them? Our Drop and Run service might be for you then! It’s simple – just bring us your items, clean and on hangers, and we’ll do the rest – all the pricing, tagging, sorting and putting on the sales floor and you still get to shop on Consignor Night. It’s really that easy!  Of course there are always some details, but these are pretty simple:

  1. In order to make Drop and Run profitable, there will be a 25 item minimum, with the majority of these something other than small toys, onesies, or sleepers.   This minimum will be waived if you are bringing large items, baby equipment, or designer label clothing.
  2. All items must be brought to Drop-Off during the designated times on Saturday of Sunday check Dates & Times. No items will be accepted on Monday or Tuesday of general drop off.  No appointment is necessary – perfect for a last minute decision to consign!
  3. The Wee Swap limits on sizes and shoes also apply to Drop and Run consignors.  Click here for more details
  4. If you want books sold together or several books go together, bring those in a Ziploc bag or provide the bag when you come.
  5. All shoes must be in Ziploc bags or pinned or tied together with some type of string or zip tie.
  6. All items must be clean and clothes MUST BE ON A HANGER and pinned if they would fall off if pulled on. Hangers must face the same direction (it looks like a question mark). Pants must be pinned to a hanger and not hung over the hanger. Refer to our video for more instructions.
  7. Toys must have working batteries.  All toys and baby gear need to be clean. Wipe them down before coming if necessary.  A magic eraser and Lysol wipes go a long way!
  8. Please limit “small” toys to twenty per drop and run consignor. This limit does not apply to books, games, large toys, and riding toys.
  9. When you come to drop off, check in up front and tell us that you want to do Drop and Run. Your consignor night passes will be given to you once your clothes are checked in.
  10.  You are responsible for picking up any unsold items on Pick-Up day.

That’s it! What could be easier? In exchange for these services you will get 50% of the sale price as opposed to 65% for regular consignors. For more information, please contact Lou Ann at dropandrun@weeswap.com.