Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop-off Procedures 

  1. If you are having barcodes printed when you arrive, you need to have a Barcode Label Worksheet when you arrive. Print one here.
  2. Stop at the front desk and sign in. Verify that your consignor # is correct.
  3. Confirm or update your mailing information and your email address.  We need correct information to get you your money!
  4. Pick up wristband passes for you and your guest.

After completing these steps, bring all your items into the building. If needed, use a rolling rack for clothing. Having your items bundled together by size and gender will make putting them out on the sales floor much faster.

  1. Once all your items are inside, a Wee Swap worker will inspect them to make sure they are tagged and hung correctly and that they meet the Wee Swap guidelines.  Items which do not meet these guidelines will be returned to you.
  2. If you do not have barcodes on your tags, you will need to go to one of our barcoding computers.  One of our workers will print a small sticker for you to attach to each of your tags. If you created tags online or ordered barcodes through the mail, (terrific time savers!) you may skip this step and begin putting items on the sales floor as soon as they have been checked.  Workers will be there to assist you.
  3. Before leaving, stop and pick up any items which were returned to you at inspection. Items not retrieved will be donated to charity.
  4. Begin telling everyone you know about Wee Swap! They might just purchase some of your items!  The more you tell, the more you sell!

Restocking Day

We don’t always do a restock during the fall sale or if we are in a small building or if restocking day falls on Easter so check with us before bringing more items.

We do a restock day on the Sunday following our opening weekend from 1-5 pm.  Registered consignors may bring 20 additional items.  We don’t always do a restock during the fall sale or if we are in a small building so check with us before bringing more items. We WILL NOT be accepting any items that are “limited” on our “What we Accept” list, (infant clothing, shoes, maternity, etc.)  Large items like equipment and toys are the best sellers here!

Pick-up Procedures

  1. Know your consignor number.
  2. Check in at one of the front desks. Sign in beside your consignor number.
  3. While a worker retrieves your hanging items, please look through the items which have lost their tickets and were not able to be matched up.
  4. If you brought any big ticket items, please ask our worker if you have any remaining to be picked up.  They will be able to help you locate them.
  5. Before returning to your car, please look through your items to make sure that they all belong to you.
  6. Stop by the DONATE rack and leave what you can. These items are donated through a local church to area families. All donations are appreciated.
  7. Go home and plan how to spend your money when it arrives!