Shopping Schedule

We have some special shopping times that occur the Friday night before we open to the public. Here are the details.

Consignor Night
Friday, September 29th | 5:30pm

People with a pink pass may shop this night at 5:30pm.  One person per pass.  No children allowed.  You get this pass by dropping off items with us during our Drop Off before the sale begins.  We give you a pink pass for yourself, a green pass for a guest and a yellow pass to be used on our half-price consignor night.  You are welcome to give them away if you can’t use them.

New Mom’s Sale
Friday, September 29th | 8:30pm

People who have previously signed up for a New Mom’s Sale pass may shop this night at 8:30pm.  You may bring one guest but no children.  This shopping time is designated for pregnant moms or moms of little ones 12 months or younger.

Sign-ups will begin about a month before the New Mom’s Sale. The signup link will be on our homepage at the appropriate time but it only stays up for a few weeks.

Additional Shopping Oppurtunities

Consignor Guest
Friday, September 29th | 7:30pm

People with a green pass may shop this night at 7:30pm. One person per pass. No children allowed. You get this pass because a friend loves you and offered their green pass to you!

Consignor Night
Safeplace Donations

We are asking each consignor to bring a gift for Safeplace. This is optional, but it’s a great organization and a chance for moms to help out other moms in need. We’ve provided a wishlist of items that they need, so please check it out and bring something if you can.

Consignor Half-Price
Tuesday, October 10th | 7:00pm

We have a half-price pass for consignors that is yellow that can be used the night before our sale opens to the public for half-price. This is a great way to get a head start on the half-price sales and this is always a fun night of shopping. It is on a Tuesday night at 7:00pm. Check the Calendar page for the exact date and time