Express Label Service

CUT OFF DATE FOR ORDERING LABELS BY MAIL:  One week before drop off begins

The easiest, fastest, and most error-free option for making your tags is to use our online tagging system. It is so easy to create your tags with the barcodes already printed. NO standing in line at drop-off to get barcodes printed. Give it a try! Log-in to your consignor homepage and click on “Order Barcode Labels”

If you still prefer to use a 3 x 5 handwritten index card, that is acceptable. Each tag will still need a barcode and those can be ordered ahead of time and mailed to you so that you will not have to wait in the “barcode” line at drop-off. If you prefer that Wee Swap send you barcodes in the mail, you must send us your request NO LATER than one week before drop off begins.

Please send this information to

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Consignor number (You must register for your consignor number online before requesting labels.)
  • Number of labels needed at each price point that are NOT discounted
  • Number of labels needed at each price point that ARE discounted.

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