Shoppers come to Wee Swap because we are known for having the largest selection AND the best quality items of any consignment sale around! That’s because we have the best consignors! Please help us maintain our high standards by observing the following guidelines. These will help you achieve the greatest results possible from your sale.

  • Only items that meet the Wee Swap requirements will be accepted. Please review them carefully.
  • We receive huge quantities of certain items (like infant clothing and shoes) and have therefore put limits on the number of these items any one consignor can bring. Make sure to bring your best items in these categories and price them competitively!
  • All items must be clean, free from stains and odors. We cannot stress enough how much the appearance of your items can impress a buyer and increase your sales. Clothes that are clean and smell fresh always sell better. Starch, a little bleach, and needle and thread work wonders. Button the buttons, zip the zippers, and secure your clothes on the hanger with a safety pin, just as you would see in a retail store.
  • IRON your clothing. You will be surprised how much newer it will look. We will not accept clothing that looks like it just came out of a garbage sack in your attic. No one will want to buy it! Please make sure all items are tagged correctly (please refer to our Tagging Instructions). 
  • Please note that there is a $3.00 minimum price on all hanging items. This does not apply to non-clothing items.

Before you spend your valuable time tagging and delivering items to Wee Swap, make sure that you have met all of these requirements. We will inspect all items at Drop-Off and return to you any that do not meet these criteria. Please follow the limitations placed on items so you will not have to carry extras home. Thank you in advance for your help!

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