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It takes a lot of people to make Wee Swap run smoothly and we’d love to have you on our team. All of our workers are volunteers, but they do this for a very special reason – early shopping times! If you are willing to work ONE six hour shift and come back to help sort unsold items at the close of the sale, you can get access to the special “Workers-only” sales event. This is scheduled before the “Consignor-only pre-sale” and gives our workers first shot at all the best items, and shopping with only a few other Wee Swap workers. Workers have a private day to drop-off their items and to browse before their special shopping night. Workers get in 30 minutes before other shoppers during the half-price sale. Workers also are able to take unsold items home on sort day and will not need to return on pick-up day.

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Everyone comes back to sort except for people whose husbands worked one of our “daddy shifts”.  A daddy shift is either one of our set up shifts before drop off begins or one of our take down shifts after the sale is over.  Dads who work these shifts allow their wives to skip the sorting shift.  These are manual labor shifts setting up or taking down our racks and tables so only sign him up if he’s ready to work hard.  We are so thankful for our daddy shift workers each sale!

You are not required to be a consignor in order to work, however new workers who are not consigning must leave Wee Swap a check for $60 before you will be able to shop on Worker’s Night. You can also bring cash or send it via PayPal.  Once you show up to work your shifts, we will return your check. If you fail to show up for your shift, we will use the $60 to hire someone to take your spot! Remember if you are a consignor YOU WILL NOT be required to do this. The $60 will be taken from your earnings if you fail to work your shift.


  • April 4th – Workers may drop-off without an appointment from 12 – 6.  All other consignors need a scheduled appointment this day.  Workers may browse during these hours also.
  • April 6th – Worker’s shopping night at 5:30pm. You MUST have a pass to enter and you will receive it when roll is checked in line. One worker per pass.  No children, no guests.   More details when you sign up for your shift.
  • April 18th – 6:30 PM – Workers may shop the 50% off sale at this time.
  • Your work shift!  You will get a reminder text about it.  Please do not fail to show up.  It is extremely difficult to run Wee Swap without our workers.  We depend on you tremendously! No children are allowed during your shift or your sorting shift. 

Register to Work/View Worker Shifts

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Workers can be moms, grandmoms, moms-to-be, dads, etc!  We can use you all!