1. Where are you located this time?

65 Sportsplex Drive, Muscle Shoals (N.AL Fairgrounds)

2. How do I become a consignor?

If you are a new or returning consignor, you will need to register your number for each new sale.  Our “Consignor” link will help you through all of the details on what must be done, when and where to do it, what items are acceptable, and how to prepare and tag your items. Go through this link whether you are a new or returning consignor.  Our video on YouTube will also help walk you through registering. How to register for Wee Swap  You must bring 15 items in order to be a consignor.

3. What does it cost me to be a consignor?

Wee Swap charges a 35% commission fee for our services. That means that consignors will receive 65% of the selling price for all items sold. There is a non-refundable consignor fee of $10 that will be charged when you register that helps cover rent, advertising, etc.

4. Are there special shopping times for consignors?

Check the shopping schedule for more details.

5. Can I have someone price and tag my items for me?

Yes! Wee Swap’s Drop And Run service is ideal for consignors that don’t have the time to do all the work themselves. With Drop and Run you bring your items, clean and on hangers, to Drop-Off and we’ll do all the remaining work for you: pricing, tagging, sorting and placing on the sales floor – and you still get to shop on Consignor Night! Please see our Drop and Run section under our “Consignor” link for complete details on this wonderful, time-saving service.  Drop and Run consignors will receive 50% of their sales instead of 65%. You can email us at dropandrun@weeswap.com for more details.

 6. How/when will I get paid for my sales at Wee Swap?

We use PayPal to pay our consignors electronically.  A few days after the sale, you will receive an email with instructions on how to obtain your money.  Please make sure we have your updated email address that is associated with PayPal on file.  Also, we highly recommend you get a PayPal account, although it isn’t required.  Consignors who choose not to open a Paypal account will have to wait 30 days until PayPal refunds Wee Swap the unclaimed money and then we can write and mail you a check.  Transaction reports for your sales may be viewed a few days after the sale is completed by logging into your consignor homepage on our website.

7. What happens to items that are not sold during the sale?

There is one day scheduled for consignors to pick-up any items not sold during the sale. Any items not picked up on this day will be donated to local charities. Please refer to our Event Calendar page for the pick-up schedule.

8. How should I price and tag my items for the sale?

We recommend pricing your items about 1/4 to 1/3 of what you paid for them.  We also HIGHLY recommend you let your items go on discount during our discount days of 25% and 50% off.  As far as tagging your items, please refer to our YouTube videos for further details on tagging items.  Tagging items

9. Are there any limits on any items I can bring?

We do have a few.  10 pair of shoes per gender can be brought each sale along with 10 maternity clothing pieces and 10 of all the infant sizes and larger sizes.  You are allowed to hang more than one thing on a hanger.  Here’s the breakdown:

10 size newborn per gender

10 size 0-3 months per gender

10 size 3-6 months per gender

10 size 6-9 months per gender

10 size 9-12 months per gender

10 size 12 months per gender

We also have a limit of 10 per gender for sizes 14, 16 and 18.  We do not accept girls’ size 16 or 18, only boys. There are no limits for sizes 18 months-size 12.

Here is some additional information about “What Wee Accept“.

10. Do you have a restocking day?

We do usually have a restocking day the first Sunday we are open to the public.  It is from 1pm-5pm.  You must have already brought items during our regular drop off in order to participate in restocking.  Nothing with limits will be accepted and you can bring a maximum of 20 items.  Keep in mind, we don’t always do restocking so be watching for details on the consignor sheet you will get at drop off to see if we will.

Here is some additional information about “Drop off/Pick up“.

11. What forms of payment do you accept?

NO checks or American Express but we do take cash and MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

12. Are children allowed?

Not during our Consignor Night which is the Friday night before we open to the public but they are welcome the remainder of the sale.  Strollers are welcome once we open to the public as well.

13. Do you have dressing rooms and shopping baskets?

We do not have dressing rooms but we do have shopping baskets that you can borrow.  Sometimes during Consignor night they are used up quickly but we will have them available for the rest of the sale.  Feel free to bring your own basket or bag but NO wagons. Lots of shoppers tie a belt or rope to their laundry basket so they can pull it across the floor when it gets heavy.  This is a GREAT idea!

14. Is there a way for me to shop early?

YES! We would love to have you as a worker for our sale and you’ll get to shop before our consignors and before we open to the public.  Please see the “Worker” link for more details.

15. Do you need to order barcodes for handwritten tags or hangers and pins for tagging? 

We offer a Florence pick up or a mailing option for barcodes and a Florence pick up for hangers and pins.