Computer Generated Cards

Correctly tagging your items is the most important thing you can do to ensure that you receive full credit for all of your sales. The best way to ensure that your tags are correct and meet all Wee Swap requirements is to use our online system for creating your cards.  All tags whether from the computer or handwritten need a barcode.  This is how you get paid!  Tags printed from the computer will already have a barcode on them.  Refer to our tagging video for more details.  

  • Please note that there is a $3.00 minimum price on all hanging items. This does not apply to non-clothing items.
  1. Login to the Consignor Login page.
  2. Click on My Homepage
  3. On the Activities Menu, click on Barcode Labels/Tags
  4. Fill in the appropriate information. We HIGHLY recommend you discount your items.
  5. Click Submit Barcode order after each addition. Then click on Submit Barcode Order when you are finished entering each amount.
  6. Click on the “Display Barcode Labels for Printing” in the middle of the page. (This will actually print 6 tags/page with barcode labels already affixed.)
  7. Click print and print your labels on white cardstock. No paper is allowed.
  8. Print as many or as few tags at a time as you wish.
  9. After printing, write the size in the top right corner and a short description in the open box in case the tag becomes separated.

You are not ordering these to be sent to us.  You are printing the tags with complete barcodes from your own computer.** 

Handwritten Cards

If you don’t have a printer or you prefer to create your tags by hand, please carefully read and follow the guidelines below when tagging your items and refer to our handwriting your tags video for visual instructions. 

Plan on getting your barcodes at drop-off? You MUST have a Barcode Label Worksheet filled out when you arrive. Print one here! If you want to save yourself a lot of time at Drop-Off, use our Express Label Service.

  1. Start with a 3×5 card.
  2. Turn the card vertically!
  3. Drop down about 1-inch and draw a line.
  4. Write the required information below the line. (consignor number, size, description and price)
  5. Pin the card to the item with a large safety pin turned horizontally above the line. (If the pin is facing vertically it is much easier for the card to be pulled off unintentionally)

Our barcode labels are easy to read AND include the Discount or No Discount information.  Writing this information on the bottom of your card is mainly to help you identify the price of each item as you are attaching your labels.  It will not cause difficulties if your price is partially covered.

CardsIf creating tags by hand, PLEASE USE 3×5 INDEX CARDS! If printing out on a computer, use ONLY heavyweight paper or card stock (65 lb. cover weight or higher) and cut into individual tags. Tags printed on normal printer paper will be rejected at Drop-Off because they tear off easily and become separated from your item.
PinsUse medium to large safety pins ONLY! No small gold pins, straight pins, or clothespins. – they WILL fall off! Be sure to attach your safety pin horizontally ABOVE the cutting line on your cards. We sell safety pins and hangers so contact us at info@weeswap.com to buy our favorite kinds.
HangersWire hangers are not required but please use them when possible – plastic ones break and clothes end up on the floor. Plastic coated wire hangers are fine – check with your dry cleaners or the dollar store if you need supplies. Wal-Mart carries them if you check early! If you do not wish to purchase infant wire hangers, pin garment by both shoulders to the outside of the hanger.  Just like above, we sell safety pins and hangers so contact us at info@weeswap.com to buy our favorite kinds. The hanger hook should face to the left and look like a question mark, with the tag pinned onto the right side of the garment as you face it. Pin clothing-sets together on one hanger, with the pants or skirt pinned to the outside so both pieces can be viewed. Pin pants and skirts onto the top side of the hanger to keep them from sliding to one side.  Please note that we do not accept clothing in zip lock bags. Shoppers want to see what they are buying – even blankets will sell better on hangers.  Some people choose to put blankets in Ziploc bags though and that is ok, too.  We have a basket for those in bags and we have a rack for those on hangers.
Consignor NumberIMPORTANT!!! Make sure that your consignor number is correct and on every item you bring. Do not make corrections on a tag – make a new tag if this is necessary. Double-check at drop-off to make sure we have gotten your consignor number correct on all your barcode labels. Your profit depends on this information!
Size & DescriptionPlease use a size and not just S, M, or L. Give a short description on your tag in case it becomes separated from the item. Ex: “girl’s blue Kissy Kissy dress with yellow flower,” rather than “blue dress” will help in matching items with lost tags – and there’s always a few!
PriceIn order to make the most of our rack space, all hanging items must have a minimum price of $3.00. If you do not feel your item is worth $3.00, consider making it part of a set. Please don’t overprice!  People shop Wee Swap looking for bargains! For clothing, we suggest you price it around 1/4 to 1/3 of what you paid for it, depending on the brand name & condition. Big-ticket items in good shape usually bring more of their original price. Please keep your prices in full dollar increments (no $1.99, $6.50, etc.). If you do not want an item to be sold at a discount during our 25% off and 50% off days, put the letters N.D. (No Discount) in the bottom right corner of your tag.  Your barcode with also say “No Disc.” to help shoppers know it isn’t discounted.
Items (other than clothing)Group small items together in a Ziploc bag. Use packing tape and tape or pin the 3X5 card to the OUTSIDE of the bag. Attach shoes to each other with pins, string, or zip ties and attach your 3×5 card to the shoes. Use the packing tape to attach cards to non-clothing items that are in bags. Scotch tape will not hold and your cards may become lost if not securely attached. Again, make sure the description is sufficient to match up in case the card becomes separated.
Large ItemsAttach them loosely with packing tape or a safety pin. We have a system of double tagging the big-ticket items with your tag and an inventory control tag. This will help reduce errors from missing tags on what are generally our more expensive items. Big-ticket items include things such as car seats, strollers, pack and plays, furniture, bikes and bouncy seats.
Barcode LabelsThe bottom of each tag is reserved for a barcode label that is used in the check-out process. Wee Swap will supply the barcode labels to consignors that are creating their tags by hand, but each consignor will be responsible for applying the labels to their own tags. We highly recommended that you use our Express Label Service where we mail your barcode labels to you in advance of the sale. This will allow you to attach the labels to your tags at home and save a tremendous amount of time at drop-off. For those who do not use Express Label Service, barcode labels will be printed at drop-off. Remember to fill out a Barcode Label Worksheet to bring with you and speed up your drop off process. It will be your responsibility to attach the labels before putting your items out on the sale floor. If you use the computer to generate your tags, your barcodes will print automatically on your tickets.
SortHave your clothes arranged by size and gender. This will make drop-off faster and easier for you.

Procedure for Tagging
Big Ticket Items

Anything that can’t be carried easily would be considered a “Big Ticket” item and would need a special tag. For example, car seats, strollers, cribs, mattresses, rockers, pack and plays and large toys, etc. Please bring your big ticket item tags with you to drop off. This would be a tag you have either hand written or printed from the computer for this item. Once you arrive at Drop-Off, we will assist you in attaching one of our inventory tags along with your own tag. Once attached with Wee Swap’s two-part tag, it will allow us much better inventory control of the large items.
When purchasing a big ticket item while shopping, you will only need to tear the tag where it says “tear here” and carry the tag with you to check out. We will then go get your big item for you. If the tag is already torn, the item is already sold.

Watch the big ticket tagging video here.


Need Hangers or Safety Pins?

20 hangers for $3 or 100 safety pins for $2.

Email us at info@weeswap.com to tell us what you need and we will arrange a pick up time and place.

A green dot placed under your consignor number helps us know that you will not be coming back to pick up this item. Use a green Sharpie or marker if you choose to mark your items. This does not affect discounted tags in any way. This means it will NOT be available for you at pick-up.